Full-Time Independent 1099 contractor groups are now eligible for multi-life discounts or Affinity Business Discounts.

Typically the employee must be part of an employer group, work full-time, and receive W-2 wages to qualify for a multi-life discount.

Now, small groups of 3-14 employees and contractors can qualify for an Affinity Business Discount without any employer sponsorship and receive only 1099 income.

Who is Eligible?

Under the Business Affinity Discount Guidelines, eligibility is available to groups of 3 or more individuals applying at the same time who are:

  • Employees and/or 1099 contractors under a common employer


  • Are members of a local professional employer organization

Each applicant must have an issue age of between 18 to 70, and Occupational class of at least 3A.  The launch of the Business Affinity Discount makes now a great time for you and your clients to discuss the exceptional benefits of Disability Insurance at an even better price.

The following professions also represent potential sales opportunities:

  • Accountants
  • Independent Insurance agents part of an agency
  • IT Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Consulting Groups

Please contact your Disability Income Sales Rep for additional information.